‘Opened music in with Berklee’ is the result of the fruitful collaboration between the campus of Berklee College of Music Valencia and the Ciutat of them Arts i them Ciències, which is translated in diverse activities that integrate science, music, art and entertainment throughout the academic year.

The Ciutat of them Arts i them Ciències is a special place where each corner offers a countless number to you of possibilities where to stimulate your creativity and sensitivity. Along and of the hand of prestigious the Berklee College of Music, the greater university of contemporary music of the world, we offer unique moments to you at which music will be the protagonist.

‘Opened music in with Berklee’ comes with music for all, in opened, and of an enormous quality with which you will be able to travel by everybody exploring styles characteristic of different countries, to know the last tendencies, to learn how the technology already is the main instrument of a musician nowadays, and to discover unexpected and unique sonorous landscapes.

Concerts, performances, factories, public presentations of investigation projects, special activities where science, creativity and music are combined completely generating something original, all this of the hand of some musical equipped with an extraordinary talent that to us their technique and its inspiration in each one of the activities will surprise with.

Berklee College of Music is the university of greater contemporary music of the world. An educative institution, without spirit of profit, founded on Boston in 1945 that, during 70 years, has evolved to reflect the vanguard of the industry of music at every moment.

The institution is based on the principle that the best form to prepare to the students for its professional race, in this field, is through the practical formation and of modern music. Berklee College of Music was the first university in the United States that formation in jazz offered, the pop music of the time. It incorporated the rock and roll in years 60, created the first programs of degree superior in orquestration for cinema, sintetización of music and composition and, recently, has added, to its formation, curriculum in world music, hip-hop, electronic music and for video-games.

With a diverse community of students, where they are represented more than 100 countries, old students and professors who have won collectively more than 300 prizes Grammy and Latin Grammy, Berklee is the main world-wide laboratory of learning for the morning and today music.

* subject Programming to changes in all the supports in which this occurs to know.