Disciplined player Ronaldo

Ronaldo was born in Rio de janeiro, Brazil, on September 18, 1976. He is one of the greatest football players of all time. Ronaldo is good at breaking and shooting, and has a strong physical quality. Ronaldo’s family was not well off. His father was worked as a gardener in an amateur club, and his mother had worked as a cook and cleaner. Ronaldo has two older sisters and an older brother. Ronaldo’s performance was so good that he quickly caught the attention of the local national football club, and he became a little famous star of the national football club. Ronaldo has played for Portugal’s U17, U20 and U21 national teams. He first played for the national team was in a friendly match with Kazakhstan. Ronaldo scored the only goal for Portugal in the Euro Cup 2004 opener. Ronaldo’s goal against Holland in the semi-finals of the tournament helped Portugal eliminate it’s opponents and reach the European championship final. Greece won the European championship by beating host Portugal 1-0 with a second=half header in the final. Although the 19-year-old Ranaldo’s first European championship is ended in a failed final, but fans remembered his name for his skill and speed which helped him to be included in the Euro Cup 2004 squad and the best new player award. When Ferguson made it clear in 2004 that he didn’t want Ronaldo to represent Portugal at the Olympics in Athens after European, and Ferguson threatened that he might not the varsity athlete when he return the team. He said that “i am so proud of playing for Portigal’s national Olympic football team cause the games are the only opportunity in an athlete’s career or even in my life, so i want to take part in this Olympics.” Although Portugal went home without a team at the Olympics, but he said it was his honer to play for his country and he doesn’t regret it. Ronaldo was appointed captain of the Portugal for the first time in a friendly against Brazil on 6 February 2007. In the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami that Ronaldo has watched on television as a 9-year-old boy who wear a no.7 jersey of Portugal was trapped for 19 days. He was deeply touched. So Ronaldo went to Indonesia to help the refugees. And he devoted himself to charity for many years. Ronaldo is a very disciplined person in life. If you can stick to your diet for more than ten years and boil chicken breasts in white water, and i think you are a great guy. Ronaldo is also in excellent physical condition. I once watched a short video of Ronaldo, in which he gave a detailed introduction of his physical fitness. He has a great bounce and coordination. Ronaldo’s header is often through the run and then jump high into the goal. He is the best football player in my opinion.