History of Real Madrid Football Kit

If we match football clubs to colours, Real Madrid might be the best candidate for white. At the turn of the century, real Madrid was named the best club in the world in the 20th century, and it has numerous shining names in the history of its centenary. If the Bernabeu, Di Stefano, Hento, Juanito, Raul, Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and others are the most dazzling stars in the night sky of real Madrid, then the pieces of white jersey bearing the memory of football will form an irreplaceable night sky. In the late 19th century, several students from Oxford and Cambridge universities studied in Spain. In addition to academic exchanges, they also brought modern football to Madrid. Sky football club was founded in 1897 in Madrid, and every Sunday morning is the club’s fixed game time. In particular, the original real Madrid kit had a very eye-catching “ribbon” design, but this design did not take long to be popular in the future instead of pure white jerseys. In 1925, in order to “copy” the style of England’s Corinthians team, real Madrid changed the team’s uniform to look like white clothes and black pants. Unfortunately, they were killed by Barcelona in the cup game in two rounds. The then President immediately declared to abandon this superstition, and the life of black shorts was limited to one year. 1902-1941, the change of the Real Madrid shirt mainly by six badge change. In 1920 the king Alfonso xiii of Spain in Madrid Club entitled “Royal” (Real), before the team’s badge cannot represent a “Real” meaning crown, then the designers of the M, F, C three letter combinations generate badge, represents “the Madrid Club DE Futbol” (Madrid football Club), a design concept for Real Madrid in use today. Apart from the color problem, the M, F and C letters on the real Madrid logo we see today are almost identical to the design style 110 years ago.

1931 was a momentous year for real Madrid: the 1931/32 season saw them win their first La Liga trophy unbeaten. In 1932, the history of real Madrid win the team first La Liga title. With a stable situation in domestic, the world environment, real Madrid are also in the middle of the last century began to accelerate development, one of the important symbol is the Bernabeu on stage as a real Madrid President since 1943. 1980-1985, Adidas become real Madrid’s first shirt supplier, three stripes of real Madrid jersey fans for the first time to enter the line of sight.

In the second half of the cooperation between Adidas and real Madrid (82-85 years), Zanussi, the Italian home appliance brand, became the first shirt brand in real Madrid’s history. Exist today, uniform or meaning is not only limited to the competitive level of the business needs, as a football club’s top clubs, real Madrid are also in a seemingly ordinary uniform transfer of the values of the club, in use their influence to help the world changed: the Spanish in 2016, real Madrid team in Madrid Derby game on the shirt made of Marine waste plastic, and on the day of the Madrid “timely rain” seems let we see the 100 years ago that the pure white of real Madrid.